Saturday, March 29, 2008

Chateau de Pique wedding

Today, I met with a bride to be and her mother at Chateau de Pique. The family chose Lemleys' Catering to provide service for their upcoming celebration with 600 guests.

Located in Seymour, Chateau de Pique is a local winery. On their grounds, they have two event spaces: a renovated barn and a free-standing tent. They host many public and private events throughout the year. You can visit their website, to learn more about their services.

Lemleys' Catering is proud to be a preferred caterer at Chateau de Pique. It is one of my favorite spots for an outdoor reception. Perfect for food stations, the tent is elegant and beautiful. Unlike some other venues which hold larger groups, it is neither factory-industrial nor dark. Atop a slight hill, the tent provides a welcoming and romantic spot to celebrate a wedding.
Dear Lemleys’,

Just a note to thank you for all of the outstanding meals and service you have provided for the clients at Chateau de Pique Winery in Seymour. It is always a pleasure to work with the management and staff at Lemleys’ Catering. I know whether we book you for a public event, a wedding or corporate event, the food and service will be excellent. It also takes the worry out of the food service planning...We are pleased to have Lemleys’ as one of our preferred caterers at Chateau de Pique Winery.

Diane Schulz
Chateau de Pique Winery

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Tea and Thee menu and pictures

Recently, we catered an event for the Columbus Indiana Philharmonic. For Tea and Thee, we created a fairy garden buffet. Yes, that is real cotton candy and real grass adorning the tables.

Joyce Lucke, owner of Paragon Meetings and Events,, coordinated a wonderful affair for the young ladies and lads. There was singing, story-telling and parading around the room. We're looking forward to next year's event.

Tea and Thee Menu

Fairy Garden Buffet

Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
Adorable finger sandwiches shaped like flowers and butterflies.
Turkey sandwiches
Shaved turkey finger sandwiches on lightly flavored cranberry and orange bread served on a multi-tiered aluminum tower.
Fantasy vegetables
Pretty carrot curls, celery smiles and radish flowers served in flowerpots.
Fairy bubble parfaits
Miniature mousse and marshmallow parfaits topped with cherry bubbles* served on oblong mirrors.
Miniature chocolate chip and sugar cookies
Fairy garden cupcakes
Flower topped cupcakes from Sweet Intentions Bakery served on a mirror tray.

Beverage Station
Young ladies and lads fill their cups from clear glass drink canisters and white teapots. Sweeteners and stirrers are displayed in clear glass canisters with iridescent glass disks.
Sparkling pink lemonade
With lemon wheels afloat.
Peach iced tea
With lime wheels afloat.
Hot orange pekoe tea
Clear hard plastic punch cups

Table Settings
White table linens will adorn the tables. Atop the covering, assorted pastel linen napkin fans will be flanked by stainless steel forks and knives.

Service Staff
Friendly and professional service staff in white dress shirts with ties and black aprons will attend to the needs of your guests.

*Cherry bubbles are a new food popular in molecular gastronomy. Lemleys’ Catering is proud to be a part of this innovative trend. Little girls and boys will love how the caviar-sized bubbles pop in their mouths.

©2007 Lemleys’ Catering Menu, buffet design and entire proposal are the sole property of Lemleys’ Catering and may not be used (in part or whole) or reproduced by any entities other than Lemleys’ Catering and Max’s Ole Hickory Pit Barbecue.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Leadership Johnson County dinner pictures and menu

Over the weekend, we catered a dinner for Leadership Johnson County at Beeson Hall. Chef Alexa designed a feast of Australian foods. For this elegant meal, our kitchen staff created melt-in-your-mouth pavlovas and tasty crocodile puffs.

Our friend Marcia Potts,, took photos for us. When you look at our Website and blog, you'll notice that we don't use stock images. All photos are taken at our events--not studio pictures made with other items to resemble foods. We consider ourselves quite fortunate to have Marcia taking such tasteful photos.
Leadership Johnson County Dinner '08 Menu
Passed Appetizer
Bush Tomato Chutney
On wattle seed blini.
Preset Dinner Service
Organic Field Greens
With flame roasted tomatoes, purple onions, cucumber and blood orange vinaigrette.
Freshly Baked Bread with Butter
Third Course Station
Crocodile Puff
With kafir lime sauce.
Served Entree Course
Macadamia Nut Encrusted Lamb Chops
With Illwara plum sauce.
Rosemary Roasted Petite Golden Potatoes
Roasted Vegetables
Served Dessert Course
The national dessert of Australia- a crisp and light meringue served with strawberries, kiwis and a chocolate and passion fruit garnish.