Tuesday, April 1, 2008

vegetarian meals

This morning, I received an email from an engaged couple. Vegetarians, they want to make sure that the food they serve reflects their values. Freshness and taste also play a big part in what they want to present to their families and guests.

While we are not vegetarians at Lemleyland, we do enjoy all types of food. We often cater events for people who do not eat meat. Last summer, we catered a wedding for vegans who now live in California. They enjoyed a bruschetta bar and pasta. Above, I've included some images of popular meat-free items: Vietnamese spring rolls, Asian broccoli spoons and spinach-feta stuffed mushrooms.

I could not find a picture of our barbecue tofu. Clients who order it usually are hosting a casual event with the majority of guests being carnivores. Without fail, almost all guests at these events try the barbecue tofu--and they like it. The secret? We make our own Copperhead barbecue sauce from all-natural ingredients. Whether hand-pulled pork or tofu, the sauce makes a difference.

At Lemleys' Catering and Max's Ole Hickory Pit BBQ, we care about pleasing our clients with diverse tastes.